By Tom Scherberger
AARP offers a growing seminar series for people 50+ to find engaging, trustworthy and relevant information that will help baby boomers make knowledgeable decisions about what lies ahead.
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AARP Report: Florida’s “Longevity Economy” Responsible for $429B in State GDP, 6 Million Jobs
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Each year millions of adults 50+ fall victim to fraud, especially in Florida – considered by many to be the worst hot spot in the nation for fraud-related crime.
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When asked to imagine a traffic accident, most Americans imagine two cars colliding instead of a pedestrian and a vehicle. This lack of consideration for walkers is causing pedestrian fatalities to increase while overall traffic fatalities decrease. Nationally, in 2012, pedestrians accounted for 14 percent of all traffic deaths, up six percent from 2011.
The report ranks 51 metro areas across the U.S. for pedestrian safety. Florida has all four of the most dangerous communities in the nation, the report says – mirroring similar results in a 2011 study.
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