Election Day is November 6 - do you know where the candidates for Pennsylvania governor stand?
It’s all about the purse strings this week – with the main focus being on Pennsylvanians’ out-of-pocket utility bills and, on a more global scale, Pennsylvania’s state budget.
 The cost of electricity is a big concern to most Pennsylvanians.  As a state which has de-regulated its electric generation service, consumers may choose which company provides the electricity that runs your appliances and turns on your lights.  But electric distribution service, the wires and poles that bring electricity to your home, is still regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC).  Changes to both sides of the electric utility equation are being considered which could impact your electric bill.
It’s ba-ack.
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You're likely to live a longer, healthier life if you stay active, and AARP members and guests can trim costs as well with a 20% discount from Venture Outdoors.  The nonprofit organization connects people of all ages and physical capabilities to recreational opportunities in Southwestern Pennsylvania, promoting exercise amid the scenic beauty of the area.  Activities include kayaking, hiking, biking and fly fishing, which promote endurance, flexibility, balance and strength - fitness goals recommended by the National Institute of Aging.  To register for an outing, go to the Venture Outdoors website and use code Q1F0WPQT.  The discount is good through Oct. 31, 2015.
You would think that the big news coming out of the State Capitol this week would be the crisis caused by entering a sixth week without a state budget.  But, sadly, you would be mistaken. It seems the state budget is taking a backseat, at least in the attention of elected officials, the public, and the media, to the storyline of Attorney General Kane.
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It’s ba-ack.
Earlier this year AARP PA State President Jim Palmquist and staff met with Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation to discuss a number of issues affecting older Americans.  A few of the issues that were discussed have moved forward recently.  Here’s a “then and now” that describe the issues and recent developments:
Whoever said “no news is good news” wasn’t thinking about missed state budget deadlines.  We are now a month into the budget impasse in Pennsylvania and if anything, the sides appear farther apart.
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That’s how many Pennsylvanians were kept out of poverty by Social Security income each year, on average, from 2010 to 2012, according to an AARP Public Policy Institute report. Of those, 773,000 were 65 or older. Nationally, Social Security kept more than 22 million people out of poverty; over 15 million were 65-plus.
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