Social Security. Medicare. Pension funds. The cost of such programs makes some people think that aging Americans are a drain on the economy. But a recent report by Oxford Economics for AARP dispels that myth, showing that Americans 50-plus contribute more than their share to the economy.
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Kentucky at an important crossroad.  The decisions the state makes now will determine whether our teachers, who work so hard to educate and support our children, are able to live independently and with dignity in retirement.
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AARP is pleased to share with you our new pension resource, Understanding Public Pensions: Guide for Elected Officials, authored by AARP and the Center for State and Local Government Excellence. (
A new report, to be released nationally later this week, examines the performance of every state in meeting their commitments to fund their public employee pension plans. The report, which was compiled by the National Association of State Retirement Administrators, with financial support from AARP, can be accessed online here:
Work and Save
The so-called “Golden Years”? Turns out Wisconsin workers have a fair amount of anxiety looking ahead to retirement.
Story updated Dec. 4, 2014
By Michelle Crouch
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To help Marylanders prepare for retirement, AARP is pushing for a Work and Save bill. If passed in 2015, the law would require private companies with at least five employees to provide a retirement savings plan through payroll deduction. Workers could opt out, and employers would not be required to contribute.
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