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By Dick Weinman, AARP Oregon volunteer and Assisted Living Guru
By Dick Weinman, AARP Volunteer and Assisted Living Guru
Disaster rarely gives you a heads up, and can take many unexpected forms. Everyone should have a plan of action, but some Americans can be particularly vulnerable during times of uncertainty. It's important to keep this in mind when forming an effective plan, and to consider your personal needs. Disaster preparation is more than storing water and food, and every situation requires a different solution.
The following is a Guest Blog by Wes Norris, Fitness Program Manager at Chapter 126 Sports & Fitness in Bristol, CT --
Drop in Fare Will Benefit Seniors, Those with Disabilities
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More North Dakotans 65 and older and homeowners of any age with a disability are now eligible for the Homestead Property Tax Credit because of a major expansion approved by the 2013 North Dakota Legislature.
Chained CPI represents a shattered promise—at a high cost—to seniors, to people with disabilities, and to veterans.  Proponents of chained CPI portray it as a more accurate indicator of the cost-of-living.  It is based on the notion that when the cost of an item goes up, you simply switch to a cheaper alternative.  But, that cost would grow higher year by year, making it increasingly harder to pay for groceries or heat or medicine. 
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