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August is winding down, which means the back-to-school season is upon us. With every change in season comes a potential for new scams. Scammers know that this a time when there is an increase in the number of purchases being placed for kids and grandkids. In this scam, they will send emails with a subject line such as “re: shipping info.” The subject line looks as though a company is sending confirmation of shipping details. But in reality, these types of emails may contain links to websites that download malware on unsuspecting shoppers’ computers. Keep your computer and your information safe by deleting vague messages from companies from whom you haven’t ordered or email addresses you don’t recognize. And be sure to keep your firewall and virus protection software up to date.
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Massive data breaches, a major Medicare card scam, new forms of phishing: there were lots of big scam stories from this past year, but also, hope for some scam victims. Take a look back with us:
By Tim Poor
Netflix customers beware ! Scammers are conducting a campaign to obtain personal and financial information from Netflix users across the country. Netflix users are receiving an email claiming to be from the company asking them to update their Netflix login information. After providing this, a second screen appears which asks users to validate their payment information. After providing their information on the fraudulent website, the Netflix customers are re-directed to the actual Netflix homepage. The phishing email looks surprisingly realistic and uses legitimate servers that were compromised, so security software may not recognize the email as a phishing attempt.
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Consumers need to be extra cautious if they receive an email seeming to be from the Social Security Administration. Not only are fraudulent emails with malicious links offering “new features” to monitor finances floating around, but new emails urging consumers to create a My Social Security account are making the rounds. The Social Security Administration has issued an alert on their site to be on the lookout for email phishing and AARP Illinois is helping to warn people of the new scam.
Beware of holiday scams!
The holiday season is one of the busiest times of year for scammers. Here are the top three scams to watch out for:
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Watch out for a call offering a free Life Alert bracelet to AARP members. It's a phishing scam, and your best bet is to hang up!
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Scammers are calling to solicit personal information in a new healthcare-related scam. The scammer will claim to be calling on behalf of Medicare and will ask for your Social Security number, driver’s license number, bank account number or credit card information for a new “National Insurance Card.”
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