Arizona man and woman embrace
AARP is urging lawmakers to take action to lower prescription drug prices and require more transparency from pharmaceutical companies.
Acompaña a Jan Lindsey en un "brunch" (desayuno-almuerzo) el martes 11 de abril y entérate de cómo puedes ayudar en la lucha por políticas más favorables para los adultos mayores de Arizona.
By Ford Burkhart
Por Miriam Davidson
Looking for a way to give back? You can help under-performing students at risk of being held back in third grade by becoming an AARP Experience Corps volunteer tutor.
The Phoenix City Council will vote in December on a “complete streets” policy that would encourage walking, bicycling and transit use while promoting safe operations for all users. New roads and reconstruction would feature bike lanes, benches for bus riders, street lamps, curb cuts for wheelchairs and strollers, and other amenities.
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