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Results of a new study commissioned by AARP WI and released this week shows that even modest increases in the net worth of those who save the least for retirement would greatly improve retirement readiness and reduce government spending on public assistance programs.
AARP Foundation Tax-Aide offers free tax preparation help to anyone, especially if you’re 50 and older, and can’t afford a tax preparation service. AARP Foundation Tax-Aide understands that retirement or other life changes may mean your taxes are a little more complicated now. Last year, AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteers helped more than 19,440 people file their federal and state tax returns.
Bruce Smith, 71 year old AARP member and activist from Woodbridge, Virginia
The AARP Foundation is partnering with the Miami Dolphins to fight hunger in South Florida by providing meals for older adults.
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The Official Poverty Statistic Mask the Economic Vulnerability of Seniors, a new report written by the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire and released last week at the Maine Summit on Aging, measures the difference between official poverty measures and the new Supplemental Poverty Measure when determining the poverty of Maine seniors.
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Social Security keeps more than a third of Delawareans age 65 and older out of poverty.
Social Security keeps nearly a third of New Mexico residents age 65 and older out of poverty, according to a recent report from the AARP Public Policy Institute. About one in 10 lives in poverty even with Social Security income.
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109,000: That’s how many Maine residents were kept out of poverty by Social Security income each year, on average, from 2010 to 2012, according to a recent AARP Public Policy Institute report. Of those, 76,000 were 65 or older. Nationally, Social Security kept more than 22 million people out of poverty; over 15 million were 65-plus.
Arkansas has the fifth-highest poverty rate in the nation—but if it weren’t for Social Security, the situation would be worse. Arkansas is one of the top four states with the greatest share of older Americans lifted out of poverty because of Social Security income, according to a new study from the AARP Public Policy Institute. The earned benefit keeps 43 percent of state residents age 65 and older out of poverty.
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