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In homes and communities across the United States, millions of Americans quietly care for older parents, spouses and other loved ones, helping them to stay at home as they age.
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More than 140,000 Georgians live with Alzheimer’s disease, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, and African Americans are at a greater risk of developing the condition.
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More than 524,000 Oklahomans care for older parents, spouses and other loved ones so they can live independently in their homes and communities. These unpaid family caregivers provide 488 million hours of care valued at a staggering six billion dollars annually, according to AARP Oklahoma, the nonprofit and nonpartisan advocacy organization for Americans 50 and older.
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Every day, nearly half a million Arkansans perform a great labor of love by helping their parents and spouses remain at home. These unpaid family caregivers help their loved ones with medications, meals, bathing and dressing, chores and even complex medical tasks.
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AARP Kentucky volunteers are hosting four Prepare to Care workshops in Louisville this June.  The workshops will help people plan for the role of family caregiver.
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