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AARP  North Carolina is encouraging all seniors to review their Medicare health and prescription coverage during this year’s Medicare Open Enrollment period—October 15th through December 7th—and compare plans to see if there is a plan that better suits their health needs for 2019. Some people may be able to reduce their prescription drug costs substantially by switching to a different Part D plan.
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Over 575,000 Arkansans rely on Medicare to help pay for their prescription drugs, doctor visits and hospitalizations. AARP Arkansas​ volunteer Joy Crow explains how the new healthcare bill weakens Medicare by reducing spending, hastening Medicare’s insolvency and increasing premiums. Instead of giving a windfall to pharmaceutical companies, Congress should do more to reduce the burden of high prescription drug costs!
When Silvio Scaglione of Revere had heart surgery 20 years ago, he knew he’d be on cholesterol-lowering drugs for years to come, perhaps the rest of his life.  What he didn’t anticipate, however, was the cost of one of the drugs, a statin called Lipitor, manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, Inc.
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The numbers don’t lie: seniors are the largest and most active voting demographic in the United States. These voters matched expectations for the 2010 midterm elections: those age 50+ provided nearly six of every 10 votes, and voters 65+ cast nearly a quarter of all ballots -- the highest percentage since 1994. How will that voting power extend to political power now that the election is over?
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