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National speaker on caregiving and aging Jane Barton, MTS. MASM, CSA, will present “Navigating the Journey of Caregiving” on Saturday, Sept. 28, in Colorado Springs, and on Friday, Oct. 19, in Grand Junction.
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Con artists don't care how hard you've worked.  They steal billions from Americans like you every year!  But you can learn how to fight back with the AARP Fraud Watch Network.
AARP Massachusetts offers free presentations for community groups across the state on topics such as AARP Fraud Watch Network, Life Reimagined and HomeFit.
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Just in time to get organized for the New Year, AARP is offering members tools and resources to get started on the path to Financial Freedom. Join us in Cambridge on Tuesday, December 15, and Thursday, December 17, 2015, for presentations designed to help you plan a budget, cut costs, improve your credit and decrease debt.
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AARP Ohio and Attorney General Mike DeWine are working together to protect Ohioans of all ages from fraud, scams and ID theft.
AARP Fraud Watch Network volunteers are speaking to community groups throughout Nebraska about how to fight fraud. The trained presenters explain how scammers think, how to avoid identity theft and what to do if you or someone you know is scammed. Some presentations include first-hand accounts from victims. The sessions are free, and participants can sign up for watchdog alerts to stay up to date about scams currently happening close to home.
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AARP Wisconsin volunteer speakers are ready, willing and eager to give free presentations to community groups across the state about provisions of the Affordable Care Act that impact seniors and their families.
Health care and access to insurance are complex issues - and with new provisions of the federal Health Care Law (Affordable Care Act) taking effect, Nevadans want to learn more.  Would you like to help?
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