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By Cathleen MacCaul, Advocacy Director, AARP Washington
Many low-income homeowners in Idaho are leaving money on the table by failing to take advantage of a property-tax break. AARP research shows that fewer than half of those eligible for the state’s property-tax-reduction program actually apply for it.
Thousands of Nebraskans 65 and older are newly eligible for a break on their real estate taxes. The deadline to apply is June 30.
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Property taxes can be burdensome to people living on fixed incomes, and consumer advocates are concerned that more than half of Idahoans eligible for tax relief fail to apply.
In addition to the 12 percent state paid credit that all North Dakotans receive, there are a couple of property tax credits for which you may be eligible. The Homestead Tax Credit is for senior citizens and disabled individuals of any age. The Disabled Veterans Tax Credit is for disabled veterans of the United States armed forces.
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Strengthening supports for Nebraska’s 300,000 family caregivers so their loved ones can live independently in their homes and communities tops the list of measures AARP Nebraska will champion during the 2015 legislative session.
Fortunately for thousands of older Nebraskans, more property tax relief is on the way. The Nebraska Legislature approved a measure this session broadening the income eligibility for the homestead exemption.
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