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It’s batter up to steal bases and prevent identity theft when you stop by our booth in Washington Park on the Opening Day of Baseball in Cincinnati to take a keepsake photo, spin the wheel for fun gifts when you join the AARP Fraud Watch Network and get timely tips to fight fraud and identity theft.
Every 20 seconds someone’s identity is stolen. And especially this holiday season, it's important to know how to beat con artists at their own game.
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Protect your identity and avoid fraud by safely shredding and recycling personal documents at free AARP Fraud Watch Network shred-a-thons on Saturday, October 24, at Wolfe Park in Columbus, and at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Akron.
Frank Abagnale
Frank W. Abagnale, nationally renowned expert on identity theft and fraud schemes, has been named AARP Fraud Watch Network Ambassador.  Abagnale will work with the Fraud Watch Network to provide online programs and community forums to educate consumers about ways to protect themselves from identity theft and cybercrime.
Learn how to protect yourself and your family from fraud, scams and identity theft during an AARP Fraud Watch Network workshop at 6 p.m. on Thursday, July 9, at Henderson Memorial Public Library, 54 E. Jefferson St., Jefferson, Ohio 44047.
Definition of fraud
Scammers know that tax season comes every year, and they take full advantage of the opportunity to steal identities and to trick people into sending money. Tax identity theft can happen when someone files a phony tax return using your personal information to get a refund or uses your Social Security number (SSN) to get a job. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself:
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