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Rate Hikes Almost Certain Under New Decision
ND_Utility Rate Hearing
An expert witness testified in support of AARP’s concerns about Montana-Dakota Utilities’ proposal to raise natural gas rates during a North Dakota Public Service Commission technical hearing May 30-June 1.
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Association Praises Programs to Help Low-Income, Moderate Income Customers, But Settlement Shows Need for Utility Consumer Advocate as proposed by NYS Assembly
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Move to Force ESCOs to Reveal Data is Unprecedented in Recent Times; Consumer Groups Praise Governor Cuomo, Regulators
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AARP, PULP: Fill Three Vacancies on Five-Member Regulatory Body with Consumer Champions to Keep Fighting for ESCO Customers
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PSC’s and Governor’s Leadership Will Protect Consumers
Gas Bill
PSC Wrong to Saddle NYC Ratepayers With All Superfund Cleanup Costs
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As state regulators consider National Grid’s proposed 24 percent increase in the natural gas delivery rate for Long Islanders, AARP is playing a leading role among advocates opposing the hike, calling it unaffordable for thousands of families.
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Groups Ask PSC to Detail Methodology to Determine Impact on Ratepayers of $8 Billion Nuclear Subsidy Plan at Sept. 13 Workshop
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