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Senior couple, looking together at smartphone, while riding public bus
Austin’s public transportation system -- Capital Metro -- is edging closer toward a possible citywide referendum this fall on a transit-expansion plan intended to ease congestion and to help Austin contend with an expected doubling of its population over the next 25 years.
Austin is one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the nation, with a population of more than 930,000. Like other Texas cities, it’s car-focused, which means frequently long commutes and roadway congestion.
AARP Michigan is laying the groundwork for a forum to explore how Lansing’s aging population can stay mobile without depending on cars.
The Maine Department of Transit will be holding a series of forums throughout the months of May and June regarding general public transit services.  A recent statewide analysis of transit services, as part of the Maine Strategic Transit Plan 2025, shows that there are unmet transit needs in a significant number of communities.
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Retiring to a Delaware beach town can be lovely—unless you can’t drive. In areas where bus service is erratic, many Delawareans age 65 and older have relied on the state’s paratransit service, which was designed to transport people with disabilities.
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