Utility Rates
Duquesne Light has filed a request with the Public Utility Commission (PUC) recently for a 16 percent increase in the rates it charges customers for the delivery of electricity. If approved as filed, the increase could raise a residential customer’s bill by more than 8 percent.
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This afternoon, AARP Texas is joining the City of Houston, Texas Legal Services Center (TLSC), Texas Ratepayers’ Organization to Save Energy (Texas ROSE), One Voice Texas and the Texas Association of Community Action Agencies in filing a Petition for Emergency Rulemaking before the Texas Public Utility Commission to extend electricity customer protection rules for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. AARP Texas Director Bob Jackson released the following statement.
get ready for 10-digit dialing!
AARP Maine has been the lead opponent to FairPoint’s proposed deregulation of the Provider of Last Resort (POLR) service in Maine since 2012. Nearly 3,000 Mainers 50+ signed a petition to save landline phones, and legislators received hundreds of phone calls and emails from concerned citizen this session.
Please call your legislator and ask that they protect your safety and vote NO on Senate Bill 183.
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Over strong opposition from AARP, the Colorado Legislature passed sweeping changes as to how phone companies can do business in 2014 and beyond. These new laws — called “telecom deregulation” — may change the type of phone service available to you, how much you pay for the service, and whether you can get help from the state if you have a serious problem. Here’s what you need to know:
Winter is here and in Minnesota our heating bills are already going up, up, up because of the cold weather.
Utility Rates
What would it mean for you if PG&E’s rates – and your utility bills – increased?
fight against unfair utility rates!
Are you wondering what the purchase of NV Energy by Warren Buffet’s MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company will mean for Nevadans? Do you want to know what the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is doing that affects your monthly electric, gas and telephone bills? 
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