Settlement with LG&E and Kentucky Utilities a Big Win for Kentuckians
saving you money on utility bills
In a victory for consumers across the state, AARP Nevada and hundreds of volunteers helped stop a recent proposal to bring a new surcharge to Southwest Gas customers.  The Southwest Gas proposal for Gas Infrastructure Replacement -  an accelerated replacement of aging gas lines - required extra payments from residential customers before the work was completed, or even started - the equivalent of ratepayers giving a loan to the utility company to complete its work.
fight against unfair utility rates!
Are you wondering what the purchase of NV Energy by Warren Buffet’s MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company will mean for Nevadans? Do you want to know what the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is doing that affects your monthly electric, gas and telephone bills? 
Large Crowd of People Cheering and Raising Their Fists
Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) is consistent in its requests for rate increases; they are filed nearly every year, with requested increases typically over ten percent. And once again this year, AARP Utah intervened in the case to represent residential ratepayers.
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