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Truly free financial planning seminar
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In an increasingly complex landscape, financial planning and decision-making are becoming more daunting than ever. Although we’re all bombarded with offers for help — especially if you have sizable savings — Cincinnati folks of all means tell us they want and need accurate and unbiased information to get ready for the future.
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You’re invited to come learn how to get Ready for Retirement
2014 Roadmap
New Year's resolutions are the promises we make to ourselves so we can enjoy better, happier and healthier lives both now and in retirement.
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It's no secret the retirement security landscape looks much different today than it did even a few years ago.
We all want financial security in our retirement years.  In this new era of retirement, however, planning shouldn't focus solely on finances. Without doubt, money is a huge part of retirement planning — probably the most significant part — but it's not all of it.
A “comfortable” retirement doesn’t just happen; it requires attention and planning. That's why AARP Arkansas is offering a a series of FREE Seminars about Planning for Retirement for members who are approaching retirement (happily or anxiously), or want to improve their financial security. We’ll explore some basic retirement goals, sources of retirement income, and how to fill income gaps. We’ll also introduce you to some of the online tools AARP has developed for calculating savings and estimating Social Security benefits.
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