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Andy Rooney said it well: “The idea of living a long life appeals to everyone, but the idea of getting old doesn't appeal to anyone.”  And yet, we now live longer, healthier and more productive lives. We have an incredible “longevity bonus”. And AARP Oregon is here to help you realize your Real Possibilities to make the most out of life as you age.
Real Possibilities TV show
AARP Michigan has launched an exciting and informative local weekly TV show entitled “Real Possibilities.”
AARP Arkansas staff and volunteers in this brief video filmed at the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock share some of their favorite things about being a part of AARP. What you don't know about us may surprise you. With over 310,000 member statewide, AARP Arkansas works with elected officials, local groups and volunteers to help Arkansans explore their Real Possibilities.
Members of AARP Arkansas' volunteer Executive Council invite you to learn more about how AARP helps Arkansans realize their Real Possibilities...and learn where AARP Arkansas stands on key issues on the state and federal levels. Watch for updates here, on Facebook and on Twitter.
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Disrupt Aging challenges outdated beliefs and sparks new solutions so more people can choose how they shoud live and age. Disrupt Aging is a guide to living your life fully at every age.
AARP surveys reveal two key concerns among Utah members: keeping their brains agile and avoiding financial exploitation. Real Possibilities University, presented by AARP Utah on May 13, will address those issues and discuss how life after 50 can be filled with new possibilities.
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Interested in new ways of thinking about life and its possibilities?  Want to gain new insights into the process we call aging? Then you might want to pay attention to the Age of Disruption Tour 2015 and what it has to offer.  It’s all on April 21 in Manchester when you can shake up everything you think you know about aging!  
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AARP Utah is hosting a Real Possibilities University on Oct. 8 in St. George, with seminars on issues of interest to Utahns age 50-plus. University professors and other experts will address topics such as brain fitness, living wills and trusts, and staying active for life. The classes are based on the belief that everyone’s possibilities expand with age.
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