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Denver, CO – (September 26, 2014) – In response to the growing needs of Colorado’s baby boomers, a series of free, public educational workshops on aging and home health are being offered along the Front Range this Fall, 2014 (dates listed below), from long term care retirement specialists in conjunction with non-profit sponsors and public facilities.
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English Jubilados del Gobierno de las Islas Vírgenes, también conocidos en la isla de St. Thomas como GRUFF – Government Retirees United for Fairness o Jubilados del Gobierno Unidos para la Equidad, vio a su labor dar fruto el 17 de marzo del 2014 cuando el gobernador John DeJongh firmó el proyecto de ley 7585 a ley.
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Español Government of the Virgin Islands retirees, also known on the island of St. Thomas as Government Retirees United for Fairness (GRUFF) saw their advocacy work pay off on March 17, 2014 when Governor John DeJongh signed Act 7585 into law.
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AARP filed an amicus brief late this afternoon with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in each of seven appeals filed in the Detroit bankruptcy case, according to AARP Michigan State Director Jacqueline Morrison.
Feeling alone at one time or another
Each of us has experienced the feeling of being alone at some time or another. However, loneliness is the prolonged state of feeling all the negative sensations that go along with the feeling of being persistently alone.
GRUFF Group Wins Demand of Return of Funds
Government Retirees United For Fairness (GRUFF) took the opportunity Monday evening to have one of its key issues heard before the VI Legislature where it received unanimous* approval for the return of the 8 percent removed from their retroactive checks.
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What’s quickly eating up a growing share of retirees’ money these days? Not health care, as you might expect, according to a new report by the National Center for Policy Analysis.
Chained CPI represents a shattered promise—at a high cost—to seniors, to people with disabilities, and to veterans.  Proponents of chained CPI portray it as a more accurate indicator of the cost-of-living.  It is based on the notion that when the cost of an item goes up, you simply switch to a cheaper alternative.  But, that cost would grow higher year by year, making it increasingly harder to pay for groceries or heat or medicine. 
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On April 8, AARP Delaware released new survey results that show 71% percent of older Delaware voters would be considerably less favorable to their member of Congress or Senator if the member voted for a chained or superlative CPI proposal, expected to be in the President’s budget proposal this week.  
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