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Confident hardware store owner
A new survey of small business owners in Connecticut shows significant support for a public retirement savings plan that would encourage more people to save for their future and give small businesses a competitive edge in the marketplace.
CT SB 249
While Social Security is an important piece of the puzzle, it was never meant to be a person's entire income in retirement.  Yet, more than 25% of seniors age 65 and older in Connecticut rely on Social Security as their only source of income.  AARP is working to ensure that all Americans have the financial security they need to take charge of their future and live independently as they age.  That's why we're supporting legislation being considered in Connecticut (known as Senate Bill 249) that would make it easier for the more than 600,000 Connecticut workers without access to a retirement savings plan at work to save for their future.  Join AARP members in calling on state legislators to help ensure all Connecticut residents have a chance to build their own nest egg.  Send an email to your legislators today! 
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