Senior Olympics

Registration for the 2017 Northern Virginia Senior Olympics is now Open.
Ready to run
Are you age 50 or older and still have a great passion for athletics and competition? Why not test your skills against your peers in one or more of many events offered by the Wisconsin Senior Olympics. Registration is now open for the next round of Games, which will be held Aug. 13-Sept. 11, 2016. When you register, AARP members and their guests can use the coupon code GetFit to receive $5 off the registration fee.
Laura&John Blase
At first, Laura Blase had little interest in participating in individual events at last year’s St. Louis Senior Olympics. She came out only to partner with her brother John, who was excited about the chance to throw a javelin again for the first time since college.
Team AARP newsletter
Fifty AARP members participated in the St. Louis Senior Olympics as part of Team AARP Memorial Day weekend.  All told, Team AARP athletes competed in over 100 different events – everything from Washer Toss to Golf to Pickleball.
Join AARP in St. Louis at the 2015 St. Louis Senior Olympics May 21 st – 26 th and cheer on Team AARP!  This group of athletes will have the opportunity to compete in over 90 different individual and team events throughout the St. Louis region.  The 50 Team AARP athletes will be competing in events from Washers to Golf.  Learn more about the event and some of our athletes.
Calling all amateur athletes!  AARP is proud to help sponsor the 36th Annual Connecticut Masters' Games, taking place on Saturday, May 16th and Sunday, May 17th, 2015 in New Britain, CT.  Registration is now open, so don't miss your chance to join in the fun and show us what you've got!
Bill Wiese might have finally found the necessary motivation to stick to his New Year’s resolutions of staying active and physically fit for longer than a few months.
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Join AARP for a free screening of the award-winning documentary, Age of Champions, about inspiring, older athletes who compete for gold at the National Senior Olympics, such as the Tatum brothers from DC. Watch the trailer and RSVP for free tickets at or call    1-877-926-8300.
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