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Did you know that Social Security is America’s single most important anti-poverty tool?
More than 375,000 Mississippians depend on Social Security for an average yearly benefit of $14,000.
Jackson, MS - On the eve of the 78th anniversary of the creation of Social Security, which provides an average monthly retirement benefit of about $1,170 to 375,000 Mississippians, AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond issued the following statement:
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By Jean C. Setzfand, Vice President, Financial Security, AARP Education and Outreach
Korean War vet Marvin Sakin is the focus of a new AARP print ad for chained CPI.
One of Maryland’s hardest-working volunteers is the face of a new, national AARP print ad that will be seen in major newspapers around the country over the next several weeks.
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