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South Dakotans can worry a little less about identity theft, thanks to a new law backed by AARP South Dakota.
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Under a new law that takes effect July 19, registered nurses on staff at assisted living facilities can now use their judgment to alter procedures to meet residents’ temporary or intermittent needs.
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Under a new state law, Oregonians will no longer receive unexpected medical bills for out-of-network services.
Senior woman, long-term care
A new state law backed by AARP Kansas will help ease the transition from hospital to home for patients and their caregivers, beginning next year.
Residents whose homes require exterior repairs due to storm damage will be better protected from fraudulent contractors under a new law, which takes effect July 1.
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A new state law will help Washington consumers stave off identity theft when their personal and financial information is compromised by a computer breach.
State lawmakers have cracked down on careless driving by tightening restrictions on using a handheld phone behind the wheel.
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