By Tom Scherberger
Uno de los recursos más populares de AARP se unirá a una de las mayores celebraciones de Tampa Bay, cuando el programa Life Reimagined se sume a First Night St. Petersburg en la víspera de Año Nuevo.
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An evolution is occurring that will one day affect you and your family: Older adults are breaking stereotypes, and are redefining life, career and retirement in the second half of their lives.
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When asked to imagine a traffic accident, most Americans imagine two cars colliding instead of a pedestrian and a vehicle. This lack of consideration for walkers is causing pedestrian fatalities to increase while overall traffic fatalities decrease. Nationally, in 2012, pedestrians accounted for 14 percent of all traffic deaths, up six percent from 2011.
The report ranks 51 metro areas across the U.S. for pedestrian safety. Florida has all four of the most dangerous communities in the nation, the report says – mirroring similar results in a 2011 study.
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