Dick Clark is fond of referring to music as “the soundtrack of your life.” I like to think of family photos as windows into your life.
John Edwards will go down in U.S. history as a disgraced presidential candidate. But before his fall, Edwards left something for all of us to ponder – the value of home.
20150409 spring plan
Spring is here, finally. Once we sweep aside the grit and grime of a Midwest winter, we Iowans can turn our attention to brighter and longer days and the budding of a fresh season, full of promise.
baseball kids
As a product of the rock 'n' roll generation, I've drawn inspiration from the writing of many of the genre's icons.
two children
So what do you do if Aunt Gertie dies and leaves you with a trunk full of memories? Her memories. After all, she thought so much of you that she entrusted you with the eternal care of many of her favorite possessions.
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