tech support scams

Pop-up Warning,Technical Support scam
Tech support scams have lurked online for years. They often come in the guise of a pop-up message on your computer screen, claiming you have viruses, and malware or spyware on your computer. The pop-ups come with a phone number to call for assistance. The operator convinces you to buy hundreds of dollars of tech support services you don't need.
If you get a call from a tech support company saying they have detected a virus on your computer, hang up! You may get the same pitch from a pop-up ad. These are scams, intended to get you to fork over money to “fix” your computer or get you to buy phony virus protection. Get an inside look at this scam from a con artist who reveals jut how the scam works to the AARP Fraud Watch Network at
With Delawareans being victimized at an alarming rate by fraudulent pop-up messages that warn computer users of a purported virus infection or urgently needed repair, the AARP Fraud Watch Network has launched a major campaign to raise awareness of the “Tech Support Scam.”
By Dana E. Neuts
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