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Kansans who receive Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, public housing or other kinds of government benefits may be eligible for the state’s Lifeline program, which makes it more affordable to have a landline telephone. Savings can be as much as $17.02 a month.
Maine State House
AARP Maine Delivers 1,500 Petitions in Augusta
Gov. Rick Snyder
 Gov. Rick Snyder late Tuesday signed Senate Bill 636, which will allow telephone companies to eliminate landline phone service with only 90 days' notice beginning in 2017.
Michigan Capitol Bldg
The Michigan House voted to pass a bill on Tuesday that would allow phone companies to eliminate landline telephone service with only 90 days' notice starting in 2017.
AARP Connecticut has submitted testimony on legislation being considered by the Connecticut General Assembly's Energy and Technology Committee (H.B. 5413) that would direct the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) to investigate the feasibility of modernizing telecommunications service in Connecticut.  AARP feels the legislation is unneccesary given PURA's ability to open a docket whenever it chooses.  If the Legislature moves forward with such legislation, we recommend that it include language that would require PURA to prepare and submit a report to the Legislature after gathering critical market information and conducting their investigation in a contested proceeding.  
Superstorm Sandy had a devastating impact on the Garden State, and now some residents are facing another possible blow.
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