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From one of the strongest prescription drug price-transparency laws in the nation and a host of new consumer protections against surprise health care costs to measures focused on nursing home safety, older worker trainings, guardianship abuse deterrence, rural broadband access, and more, new laws backed by AARP Texas during the 2019 legislative session are taking effect on Sept. 1.
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2019 Texas Legislative Review
2017 lege update (4)
** High-Priority Nursing Home Quality Legislation Approved **
2017 lege update (4)
With the scheduled end of the 2017 Texas legislative session approaching, AARP continues to fight for passage of several bills that aim to improve nursing home quality, ease the stress of family caregivers, protect older Texans from financial exploitation, and help consumers avoid and respond to surprise medical charges.
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The Texas Senate took a pivotal step toward improving the quality of care in Texas nursing facilities on Wednesday by unanimously approving Senate Bill 932, which seeks to hold nursing home operators accountable for harming residents.
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Carolyn Hartman’s mother, Myrtle Hartman, died last spring after spending eight years in a Central Texas nursing facility.
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Nursing homes in Texas are escaping accountability for hurting residents and jeopardizing their health, according to a new report by AARP Texas.
Many older LGBT citizens face difficulties getting proper medical treatment. Some live alone due to fear of discrimination. Others can find it hard to settle into nursing homes because of potential mistreatment.
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Asking a loved one to move into a nursing home is a difficult decision, and choosing the right home can be an emotional task. Before settling on a facility, experts say it’s a good idea to visit several and to use a checklist based on your observations.
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