Scam artists have been out in full force in 2016, relying on tried and true scams to bilk billions from unsuspecting victims. Here are some of the most frequently reported scams to the Fraud Watch Network hotline:
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This winter natural gas prices are expected to be 15% lower than last year, DTE estimates.
road trip
There’s something about the road trip that really speaks to many Americans. It gives them the freedom to travel the country’s highways and back roads to explore new places and familiar destinations. It allows them to taste local food and experience local culture—on their own timeline. And it’s a cost-conscious way to have a truly memorable vacation.  
Tips for Older Workers
AARP Utah Communications Director Laura Polacheck and Senior Office Administrator Gail Goodwin discuss tips for working for a younger boss in this "Booming Forward" segment from Fox News.
Fraud targeting taxpayers continues to run rampant nationwide. Watch out for these two tax crimes making headlines: tax identity theft and the IRS imposter scam.
Now that the holiday season is over, many people are looking at their bank accounts with a feeling of distress. The holidays are a time for fun and merriment, but for some, they are also a time for excessive spending.
I Heart Caregivers
During the busy holiday season, family caregivers – over 268,000 right here in New Hampshire – already feel overwhelmed with daily responsibilities, leaving them vulnerable when the stress of the holidays arrive.  Turning to unhealthy behaviors – drinking more eggnog, eating more sweets, getting fewer hours of shut-eye, and forgoing exercise – is not the answer. 
by James L. Brooks. Associate State Director, AARP Virginia
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Get tips about saving and investing, so that you can take control of your financial future, at one of the financial planning seminars that AARP is conducting this fall at libraries throughout the Columbus area.
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