tips to prevent ID theft

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Every 2 seconds someone’s identity is stolen and a con artist takes over their life.  A study by the Federal Trade Commission found that Arkansas ranks 15th among the 50 states in ID theft complaints per 100,000 people.
fraud watch
As part of Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week (Jan. 26-30) the AARP Fraud Watch Network is launching an education effort to help Connecticut residents protect against tax scams, and identify the everyday behaviors that could put them at increased risk of ID theft. The national education effort includes a new video and  tip sheet to help residents protect themselves and their hard-earned money.
Fight Fraud Shred Instead
There are 10 things Connecticut residents and all Americans do that put them at increased risk for identity theft according to a new AARP Fraud Watch Network study.  The new report, along with recent eye-opening interviews with convicted ID thieves, reveal that Americans are falling even further behind in the fight to protect their identities as scam artists go digital.
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