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While confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to spread across Pennsylvania, the coronavirus pandemic is also having an overwhelming impact on the state’s workforce. Overall, job losses from the coronavirus crisis are affecting workers of all ages, but workers in some occupations are being hit especially hard. One example: older workers in lower-wage service and sales jobs.
Are you a 50+ Marylander looking for work? JCA's Career Gateway Program may be able to help.
AARP Connecticut will sponsor a half-day “boot camp” in June to help age 50-plus job seekers make the most of their efforts.
At a recent public hearing in Connecticut, AARP State Director, Nora Duncan testified in support of legislation (H.B. 5054) before the General Assembly's Public and Public Employees Committee, that aims to give a fair shake to unemployed job seekers, many of them age 50+, when applying for open jobs.  Duncan was joined in submitting testimony by two AARP volunteers who provided first-hand knowledge of the barriers faced by older unemployed workers.  H.B. 5054 would make it illegal for employers to list current employment as a requirement in job postings.  AARP believes the bill is a good first step toward breaking down the barriers faced by older workers, who tend to suffer longer periods of unemployment, as they compete in today's tough job market.  Read AARP's full testimony below.  Read testimony submitted by CT resident and AARP volunteer, Carrie Greatheart, here.  Read testimony presented by CT resident and AARP volunteer, Novlette Williams, here.
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In the name of “state rights,” the General Assembly may very well walk away from providing federally-paid health coverage to over 500,000 hardworking North Carolinians and their families. Over the next few days, AARP needs your help in urging our elected leaders to participate in Medicaid expansion.
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