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AARP North Carolina's "Let's Get Livable Over Lunch Series"
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Gerry and Sylvia Silva began remodeling the home in which they raised their six children because of Sylvia’s aging father.
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Español Want to save some tax money and ensure you can stay in your home as you age?  You can save as much as 20% on your property taxes for up to 10 years if you plan ahead.
AARP South Carolina supports expanding Medicaid to provide access to an additional 329,000 residents.
You take care to keep your body fit as you age, but what about your home? Universal design features can make a home more accessible and livable for people of all ages.
An unassuming little 1970s ranch house south of Tampa is filled with treasure. Not things or possessions but ideas and concepts that can be priceless for those who want to spend their lives in their own homes.
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Small changes in your home can make a big difference in your life. They can make your home a space that enables you to thrive as your living situation changes and make life easier for visitors to your home—from grandchildren to adult children and friends. Attend this free workshop to find out how simple changes to your home can create an environment where everyone is welcome, and everyone can flourish.
One thing I’ve learned about caring for my mom is how much you change as a caregiver. I am not the same person who started taking care of her in a more intentional, specific way, almost two years ago. My perspective of aging and my view of my own mother have changed - and my perspective of myself has changed as well.
By Gil Klein
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Home modifications can make a world of difference to people who want to continue to live independently as they age. Homeowners in southern Oregon can get information about such features at an April 26 symposium in Medford.
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