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In a major victory for consumers, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) lowered Xcel’s return on equity (ROE) from its current 9.83 percent to 9.3 percent effective January 1, 2020, based on the position of AARP and other interveners in the company’s latest electric rate case.
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Think your gas bill is too high now? It's about to cost you more if Atmos Energy gets its way. Atmos has filed an application with the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) seeking to increase base rates by $9.6 million. Atmos is asking the KCC to approve an increase in the monthly customer charge by more than $3 per month. The proposed increase, from $18.04 per month to $22 per month, would mean Atmos customers in Kansas would pay one of the highest customer charges in the country. This customer charge is the price you pay even before you turn on your gas furnace or stove.
 The cost of electricity is a big concern to most Pennsylvanians.  As a state which has de-regulated its electric generation service, consumers may choose which company provides the electricity that runs your appliances and turns on your lights.  But electric distribution service, the wires and poles that bring electricity to your home, is still regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC).  Changes to both sides of the electric utility equation are being considered which could impact your electric bill.
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The following is reprinted with permission of the Office of Consumer Advocate in their newsletter dated October 13, 2014.
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In a victory for consumers across the state, AARP Nevada and hundreds of volunteers helped stop a recent proposal to bring a new surcharge to Southwest Gas customers.  The Southwest Gas proposal for Gas Infrastructure Replacement -  an accelerated replacement of aging gas lines - required extra payments from residential customers before the work was completed, or even started - the equivalent of ratepayers giving a loan to the utility company to complete its work.
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The D.C. Public Service Commission (PSC) is investigating the marketing practices of retail energy suppliers to ensure adequate consumer protections.
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