Utility rate hikes

AARP will be fighting for 50+ Marylanders in Annapolis in 2018
Priorities include broadband, high drug costs, utility relief, retirement security and protection against third-party energy suppliers.
AARP Colorado advocates for those on fixed incomes against rising energy prices.
AARP New Hampshire opposes proposed rate hikes
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Think your gas bill is too high now? It's about to cost you more if Atmos Energy gets its way. Atmos has filed an application with the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) seeking to increase base rates by $9.6 million. Atmos is asking the KCC to approve an increase in the monthly customer charge by more than $3 per month. The proposed increase, from $18.04 per month to $22 per month, would mean Atmos customers in Kansas would pay one of the highest customer charges in the country. This customer charge is the price you pay even before you turn on your gas furnace or stove.
Prescription Drugs
AARP continues its efforts to make prescription drugs more affordable in 2020 and will work for additional state legislation to lower rapidly rising prices
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Two decades ago energy companies and their lobbyist convinced legislators that Maryland consumers would save money if only they deregulated the electric and gas companies. During the 2019 session, the industry hired dozens of plugged-in lobbyists to advocate for a measure to change the way electric and gas utilities set their annual rates. HB 653 Electric Companies and Gas Companies – Rate Regulation – Alternative Rate Plans was sponsored by Chairman Dereck Davis. Under the radar of the Public Service Commission and consumer advocates, the bill passed the House Economic Matters Committee 20-0 and the full House 83-51. AARP Maryland, however, took notice and our members sprang into action, sending hundreds of emails and faxes to their senators urging them to kill this anti-consumer measure. The bill’s supporters complained about the “noise” made by AARP volunteer advocates, but our efforts made a difference. The more AARP members made “noise,” the more lawmakers began to pay attention and the bill stalled in the Senate.
Utility costs can be burdensome, especially for people living on fixed incomes. And keeping track of proposed rate increases can be daunting.
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The Oklahoma Corporation Commission modified their final order regarding the Public Service Company of Oklahoma's requested $130 million utility rate hike. In addition, the Corporation Commission granted PSO’s request for an additional $22 million, which will reduce customer’s refund amount. PSO has until October 2017 to fully refund customers' money. 
AARP Oklahoma is hosting a teletown hall on Wednesday, December 14 at 10am to discuss the $92.5 million rate hike proposed by OG&E. For customers, that means OG&E wants to double your customer charge to $26 a month and add a residential demand charge. The teletown hall will be hosted by AARP Oklahoma State Director Sean Voskuhl and his guest will be Deborah Thompson, who represents AARP Oklahoma at the Corporation Commission in utility matters. 
Do you want to see your electric bill increase by an average of $150 a year – with the bulk being charged before you turn on a single light?
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