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AARP is backing further calls for transparency from utility companies.
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State residents can work with AARP to help keep utility rates affordable and to help convince state officials that energy bills need to be reasonable.
Bowing to pressure from thousands of older adults struggling to pay a range of bills from medicines, water, and groceries, Duke Progress Energy was forced to accept a much lo wer rate increase than it requested from the North Carolina Utilities Commission.  Late Friday, the Commission rejected Duke’s $20 average increase, cutting it back by $11 per residential customer.  With this decision, Duke Progress customers will pay about $6 per month more for their electricity, and about $3 per month more for a monthly service charge.
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Oklahoma’s legislative session begins February 5, 2018. AARP Oklahoma is working hard for its members with an aggressive legislative agenda, but we need your help to be successful.  Our legislative priorities are listed below. We can only be successful with your help. Get involved today and let your voice be heard! To get involved, call or email Chad Mullen at chmullen@aarp.org or 405-715-4470
Are you tired of rising natural gas and electric utility rates?
Illinois State Capitol
With the 2017 legislative session under way, AARP Illinois is urging lawmakers to pass a fully functional budget that helps older residents continue to live independently in their own homes. Among other issues, the state office is fighting for affordable utility rates and supportive services for family caregivers.
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United Illuminating (UI) has proposed a 30%+ increase to their electric distribution charges to you, the ratepayer, over the n ext three years. The proposal also allows UI to increase its profits with a higher return on equity and a new “earnings sharing mechanism” giving the company’s shareholders an opportunity to earn even higher returns via an automatic revenue retention plan.
Months after helping to defeat what could have been one of the largest utility rate hikes in state history, AARP Oklahoma is gearing up to fight additional proposals to increase rates in 2016.
By Beth Levine
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