Summer is here and millions of vacationers are packing their bags to visit a new locale and soak up some sunshine. You might be traveling quite a ways. You’re used to staying connected to important information like your bank accounts and social networks, especially on the go. Social Security is there in the same way — easily accessible when you’re away from your home or office.
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If you’re trying to sell your timeshare, be warned of the timeshare resale scam. You may get a call from a company that claims to have a buyer. The caller will even give you the name and phone number of the prospective buyer, who will confirm interest. The caller faxes you legitimate-looking paperwork, along with a request for a credit card number for escrow and title services – with a promise you’ll get that money back once the deal closes. Only you never hear back and you lose your money. Don’t fall for it!
Before you plan your next weekend getaway remember that, even on vacation, you may not be able to “getaway” from scams. Here is a list of scams aimed specifically at hotel guests and vacation spots. Learn how to handle various scam scenarios to help avoid a vacation nightmare.
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We often dream about taking the perfect vacation, but scammers can turn those dreams into nightmares. Here are some travel-related scams to watch out for:
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Ja son Koertge of Panama City Beach Luxury Properties pens the latest installment of AARP Tennessee's blog series "Outsmart the Scammers."
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