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Join us for AARP Kentucky 2021 Lobby Week. It's a powerful way that our volunteers and grassroots activists support Kentuckians at 50+.
Joe and Patricia Westberry
Concerns about high prescription drug costs convinced one Massachusetts couple to share their experience as advocacy volunteers for AARP.
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AARP Iowa is seeking volunteers in all 50 state Senate and 100 House districts to advocate for older Iowans on important topics such as caregiving, prescription drug costs and health care.
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The state will have new members of Congress in January, and AARP wants to be sure they focus on issues of concern to older citizens, like family caregiving and financial security.
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AARP Wisconsin is recruiting volunteer advocates to represent six northern state Senate districts to help get the association’s messages across to elected officials at all levels. Tactics include contacting state and federal legislators, writing letters to the editor and taking part in town-hall meetings.
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AARP Illinois is seeking advocacy volunteers in every state Senate and House district.
By Jill Gambon
AARP DC Cit-Open Volunteers #2
AARP District of Columbia  is recruiting for several volunteer opportunities. Looking for an ongoing volunteer experience or a one-time-ONLY activity to put on your schedule? Then check out the list below that can be shaped to suit your schedule. Adults of any age can volunteer with AARP. Please see the volunteer opportunities below. There is a contact person provided for each opportunity.
Day five on the Caucus trail, and AARP Iowa Volunteers continue to travel across the state attending events for all candidates. Recently, the candidates have begun to recognize AARP's #TakeAStand, red T-Shirts. According to Carly Fiorina, "It's working."
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