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The right to vote, along with full and fair representation, is the most basic of all political rights.  AARP North Carolina is against the effort for a state constitutional amendment (HB1092) that would, in practical terms, reduce voter participation by inhibiting basic American voting rights. We urge legislators and voters to oppose any constitutional amendment for new identification requirements.
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Iowa’s primary elections will be Tuesday, June 5, and every statewide office is up for grabs, with contested primaries in each race.
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AARP Kentucky is encouraging members to vote in the primary elections on Tuesday, May 22, and reminding them to carry identification, in case it is needed. Kentucky law requires poll workers to identify voters either by personal acquaintance or with a document such as a driver’s license, Social Security card, credit card or other form of identification.
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AARP Nebraska testified March 2 at the State Capitol in opposition to LR1CA, a proposed constitutional amendment requiring Nebraska voters to show photo ID at polling places.
Election Day is almost here. Here are eight things to know about voting in Wisconsin. Click the links below to learn more about each topic and be sure to vote and make your voice heard!  
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Sweeping changes were made to North Carolina voting laws, many of which are already in effect.  The North Carolina Center for Voter Education has information to help you understand the the state's voter ID and election overhaul.
Nov. 4 marks the first general election since the state’s voter ID law took effect in January.
Wisconsin voters DO NOT need to show a photo ID to receive a ballot in the August Primary on August 12.
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Because of voter identification law changes passed by the 2013 North Dakota Legislature, state residents should ensure they have one of the five valid forms of identification that will be allowed at the polls.
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Today Wisconsin's State Supreme Court heard arguments on challenges to the state’s “Voter ID” law, which requires all citizens to present a government-issued photo identification  when they vote.
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