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Con artists don't care how hard you've worked.  They steal billions from Americans like you every year!  But you can learn how to fight back with the AARP Fraud Watch Network.
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AARP is working with community partners to help you protect yourself and your family from identity theft by shredding, destroying and recycling documents and disused digital devices that contain your personal information.
A new AARP study identifies an online victim profile based on 15 key behaviors and life experiences that increase a person’s vulnerability to online fraud. The report, “Caught in the Scammer’s Net", a survey of 11,741 adults, including 1,018 in Ohio,  finds that 1,100,000 Ohio Internet users may be at increased risk of being victimized based on this new profile.
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Volunteer fraud fighter Bob Denz of Sutton -- a retired FBI agent -- offers the following about AARP's recently-launched Fraud Watch Network:
Every day, Floridians lose money to scams and fraud while criminals get more sophisticated with their tactics. That’s why AARP has launched the Fraud Watch Network – a new campaign to fight identity theft and fraud and give you access to information about how to protect yourself and your family.
Learn to beat con artists at their own game at a Fraud Watch Network session being held at noon on Saturday, April 5, at the Madeira Branch Library, 7200 Miami Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45243.
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Fight fraud and ID theft with the AARP Fraud Watch Network.
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