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There is never a good time to have the difficult discussion with older loved ones about cutting back on their driving or taking away the keys altogether. But the holidays offer an opportunity to sit down and do this. We Need to Talk, AARP’s Driver Safety program, helps families begin the conversation.
By Pamela Schmid
By Jill Gambon
By Nancy Johnson
By Natalie Missakian
By Sarah Hollander
By Michelle Cerulli McAdams
This is a summary of what the blog post is about.
Are you concerned about an aging parent’s driving? If you live near Manchester, expert guidance is coming Sept. 15 at a free AARP New Hampshire seminar.
We Need to Talk
Join us on Thursday, September 15 for We Need to Talk, a program developed to offer tips, guidance, and resources to family members who are planning sensitive conversations with their loved ones regarding safe driving.
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