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Your body has changed; the conversation has changed, but have sex and dating really changed?
The evidence for the long-term brain health benefits of what most people consider “brain games” is weak to non-existent, according to a new consensus statement issued today by the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH). The good news is that there are many mentally-engaging activities that can help your brain stay sharp over your lifespan.
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From January to June 2016, AARP Iowa has proudly supported the monthly community education and outreach series, Embrace Aging.
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Blog by Jane Cracraft
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By Kelly Pate Dwyer
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Help for caregivers is on its way January 1, 2016!
Blacksburg _ Today’s seniors are creating their own definition for what it means to  age successfully. The desire to achieve greater meaning and joy in daily life is now replacing preoccupations with loss and decline associated with aging. The AARP Blacksburg chapter invites you to attend the Living Well at 50+ Conference Tuesday, September 8 so that you can start thinking about what successful aging might mean for you.
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Blog by CJay Smith, CEC
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So I’m leaving one of my favorite neighborhood garden stores, and once again, for about the third year in a row, (no pun intended,) I think about planting a garden. Not a big garden, but something that would yield me some of the summer harvest I so enjoy. I think about my grandmother having a garden and so did my mother. I remember collard and turnip greens, squash, red, yellow and green peppers, and my favorite, cabbage. At Sunday dinner, if we ran out of tomatoes, someone would volunteer to make a trip to the grocery store and my grandmother would say, “No need to do that, just go out back to the garden and pick two or three, and while you are at it, pull up some onions too…”
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