western maryland roadshow

Iden tity theft, investment fraud, and scams rob millions of Americans of their hard-earned money. Last year, 13 million people were victims of identity theft alone—that’s one person every 2 seconds. Wouldn’t you say that all of your hard earned money should remain with you and not at the hands of con-artists and identity thieves? We do, too!  Learn how to spot common fraud tactics and how to join the AARP Fraud Watch Network, a collaborative resource from AARP and our members to warn about scams in your community, at one of two free "scam jam" events on September 28 in both Hagerstown and McHenry, MD.
Homefit 12
Is your home's addr ess number clearly visible from the street? Are your exterior walkways free of tripping hazards? Is a telephone easily accessible on each floor of your home? These are some examples of ways to keep your home in shape for the long run. As we age, our homes should be aging properly with us!
Returning from your life-long dream vac ation? Recently retired? Constantly wondering what the next move in your life will be? AARP's Life Reimagined is a vision, a methodology, and a community that helps people rediscover what truly matters and focus on what they really want to do. Join us on September 30th during a free, refreshing workshop in Frederick on how to reimagine your life in your own personal well-being, your occupation, and your relationships.
Western Maryland Scenic Trainride
The Roadshow has now ended. Thank you to all attendees who came to one or more of our 2015 events!
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