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AARP Connecticut hosts numerous events across a wide variety of topics in communities throughout Connecticut every month. Here are the wide variety of opportunities to attend and learn about an AARP program that interests you in the upcoming months. The events are open to the public, and while some require registration, others do not.
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AARP Life Reimagined – launched in 2014 as a program to assist people at any age navigate transitions, pursue their goals, dreams and purpose in life – will be at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) for a free checkup event hosted by The Office of Continuing Education on Wednesday, June 29, beginning at 6 p.m.
Many people face major life changes at age 50-plus. That’s why AARP Vermont is offering Life Reimagined checkups to help Vermonters navigate transitions related to work, relationships and well- being. Through activities and conversations, participants reflect on where they are and where they want to go, and then plan a path to get there.
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By Michele Scheib, AARP Oregon Volunteer
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Join AARP for a Life Reimagined Check Up in Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls or Des Moines and put the power of change in your hands, learning how to take control of your transitions and decisions.
Dwayne Gill
Dwayne Gill is Michigan’s own Life Reimagined story.
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If you're like millions of people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s looking to discover their what's next, or new life purpose, figuring out how to take that first step can be overwhelming.
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