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It’s no secret that Hollywood is riddled with ageism and sexism. Lead characters over 60 are scarce, and older female characters are even more so. As actresses like Helen Mirren have pointed out, it seems that as male leads age, their love interests get younger and younger. AARP thinks that representing seniors of ALL genders and backgrounds is important, because we know that you have amazing stories to tell. Join us on September 26 th at the Paley Center for a panel discussion on sustaining a career in a historically exclusive industry. Be sure use the promo code ‘AARP’ to get a $5 discount on tickets. You can purchase tickets online here.
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Alan Romero and his twin brother have done well. Both highly educated, Romero is a financial planner and his brother is an engineer.
March 2017 AARP
Women may face yet another disadvantage when it comes to early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.
Social Security and Women Summit Held at Union League Club in Chicago
The Social Security and Women Summit luncheon was held yesterday at Chicago's Union League Club. It was a joint venture between AARP and the National Committee designed to bring awareness to the importance of safeguarding Social security's future by finding commonsense, non-partisan solutions to update the program.
Battleground state women voters want action
Battleground State Women Voters Want Action on Social Security, Candidate Positions as Crucial Program Has 81st Birthday
keep calm
Some seniors remember celebrating when the Chicago Blackhawks—the most unlikely of the National Hockey League contenders in 1938—captured the Stanley Cup: It was April 12. Many more seniors recall the hoopla on April 12, 1983, when Harold Washington became Chicago’s first black mayor.
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