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In the legislative session that begins Jan. 8, AARP Idaho is urging state lawmakers to pass the Idaho Family Caregiver Act, which would help caregivers confidently perform medical or nursing tasks when a loved one comes home from a hospital stay. The bill would let every hospital patient designate a family caregiver and would require hospitals to make reasonable efforts to show those caregivers how to perform follow-up care.
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More than half of private-sector employees in Utah don’t have access to a retirement savings plan at work, and many reach retirement age without enough savings. That’s why AARP Utah is working with lawmakers and business and labor groups to draft a Work and Save bill. If passed, the legislation would create a state-facilitated retirement savings plan to help such workers prepare for the future.
Work and Save graph on private-sector workers without access to savings plans
AARP Utah co-sponsored a town hall meeting with the Vest Pocket Business Coalition and the Church and State Business Incubator on November 18 to discuss solutions to the private-sector employee retirement savings problem in Utah, including possibly implementing state-sponsored retirement savings plans through automatic payroll deductions established through legislation.
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