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Around the state Minnesotan’s are talking with candidates about challenging issues. Critical issues like retirement security and protecting vulnerable seniors.  These issues are on the line for Minnesotans this mid-term election. While we might not always agree about what’s most important or the best solution, we do know that policy discussions and the decisions that come out of them impact all of us in different ways. That’s why AARP is proud to partner with Twin Cities Public Television on the production of Citizen Lane.
AARP recently released the 2016 Longevity Economy report, an in-depth look at how our nation’s population of 111 million 50-plus consumers impacts the economy. According to the report, the 50-plus age groups generate $7.6 trillion in economic activity (a $500 million increase from 2013), including $5 trillion in consumer spending by people 50-plus. This increase reflects the shifting demographic and spending patterns of this group due to longer life spans and prolonged employment.
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AARP is hosting a series of financial workshops across the state to help New Yorkers learn how to build and protect a nest egg.
Older Louisianans overwhelmingly support bipartisan legislation to combat age discrimination in the workplace, a new AARP survey shows.
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Hey there everyone! Heads up on a really great event coming up next week in Skokie! Details below...and full release here 
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