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Getting older shouldn’t be equated with orthopedics, fraud and sickness. Rather, it should mean feeling fabulous, dating and having fun.
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AARP’s Disrupt Aging movement is a call to shape the future of aging by embracing the second act of your life. It is an initiative designed to challenge outdated, limiting beliefs about aging and to spark new solutions so that older adults can achieve Real Possibilities.
This is the final post in a series. The first three posts are Taking Up the Pen: Duo Releases Award-Winning Mystery, Taking Up the Pen: "Seeking Like-Minded Souls" and Taking Up the Pen: Going to Press.
This is part three of a series. The first two posts are Taking Up the Pen: Duo Releases Award-Winning Mystery and Taking Up the Pen: "Seeking Like-Minded Souls".
This is part two of a series. Find the original post here.
FOR THIRTY-FIVE YEARS, they’ve been together. Sitting with each other in hospitals. Laughing until their sides hurt. Through funerals and festivities, Dixie Everett and Sue Cleveland have remained self-declared “super friends.” And now, they’ve written a book.
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The favorite holiday of our proud state falls on Friday, March 2. While a weekend trip to the San Antonio Southside Missions is a popular way to commemorate our state’s independence, as a Texan, you’re probably not too keen on following the herd.
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