AARP Texas is celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month with events across the state.
Bob Bonilla
Por Tom Korosec
The state of Texas lone star flag flying proudly in the air
The favorite holiday of our proud state falls on Friday, March 2. While a weekend trip to the San Antonio Southside Missions is a popular way to commemorate our state’s independence, as a Texan, you’re probably not too keen on following the herd.
By Thomas Korosec
SS benefits story image
Texans who evacuated or have had their mail disrupted by Hurricane Harvey may be wondering about Social Security benefit checks. Though most Social Security beneficiaries use direct deposit, some may have trouble accessing their funds.
Though retired from a business management consulting career, Mari Okabayashi stays active as a champion for older persons and volunteer for AARP in Houston. This month, Okabayashi accepted a two-year appointment to serve on the AARP Texas Executive Council.
Dr Bill Thomas_headshot
You can’t stop getting older, but you can disrupt aging by ignoring outdated expectations and defining yourself.
Franklin Beauty School 100 year celebration, group picture
For 100 years, Houston’s historic Franklin Beauty School has helped students learn new job skills and launch careers and dreams. This family-owned, workforce development institute has not only graduated a legion of entrepreneurs and leaders, but it has also been a beacon of pride for the state of Texas.
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