Hurricane Harvey

Bart Hatfield
By Enrique Rangel
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This afternoon, AARP Texas is joining the City of Houston, Texas Legal Services Center (TLSC), Texas Ratepayers’ Organization to Save Energy (Texas ROSE), One Voice Texas and the Texas Association of Community Action Agencies in filing a Petition for Emergency Rulemaking before the Texas Public Utility Commission to extend electricity customer protection rules for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. AARP Texas Director Bob Jackson released the following statement.
Hand Filling Application For Employment
Looking for a short-term job where you also can help with the recovery effort of Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria?
Harvey aftermath
Los desastres naturales tal como el Huracán Harvey permanecen con nosotros mucho más allá de la duración de la tormenta. Además de la dolorosa pérdida de vidas, el proceso de reconstrucción de viviendas e infraestructuras afectadas tarda meses, y en este caso, anticipamos que tardará años.
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Natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey can create high levels of stress and anxiety for survivors. Research shows most recover but others can suffer psychological disorders like post-tramautic stress disorder, anxiety and depression.
Epic Flooding Inundates Houston After Hurricane Harvey
Hurricane Harvey caused widespread, catastrophic flooding and damage in Texas and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast. The recovery will continue for a long while.
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Texans who have lost their homes due to damage from Hurricane Harvey could be eligible for special federal disaster assistance. In addition, Texans with federally backed mortgages who were already at risk of losing their homes for financial reasons before Harvey struck are getting a temporary reprieve from foreclosure.
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Texans who evacuated or have had their mail disrupted by Hurricane Harvey may be wondering about Social Security benefit checks. Though most Social Security beneficiaries use direct deposit, some may have trouble accessing their funds.
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Federal officials have taken action to ensure that Medicare will pay for nursing homes stays for victims of Hurricane Harvey.
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To help loved ones stranded by Hurricane Harvey, federal health officials have relaxed rules dealing with how hospitals and medical providers share certain information about patients.
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