Multigenerational Family
When it comes to caregiving, the latest figures show more Americans are caring for more than one person. The number of multi-generational households has also seen continual growth.
To say the pandemic changed our lives is a major understatement. Many lost their jobs and that is causing major hardships. Paying utilities and even buying food has become concerning to a lot of Texans including the most vulnerable populations. In response, AARP Texas has donated nearly $18,000 to support food banks across the Lone Star State.
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LGBT Pride Month is held in June. It was established after the 1969 Stonewall riots galvanized activists across the country and set into motion the modern LGBT movement — including pride.
Caring for someone can be a challenging task, especially if you are a military caregiver. Military caregivers consistently experience worse health outcomes, greater strains in family relationships, and more workplace problems. No caregiver handles this job the same and no two service members or veterans have an identical set of health challenges.
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This current pandemic has created an interesting dynamic for caregivers and their families. Children who are caring for their parents are now taking on some of the same anxieties associated with caregiving. They are worried about their parents, trying and taking on tasks to keep them at home, and in some cases, take on their caregiving tasks to keep them safe too.
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COVID-19 has changed our daily routines. It is affecting the way we dine out, exercise, and shop. When it comes to grocery shopping, which is a necessity, what can we do to stay safe? Do I leave non-perishable items outside for 24-hours? Do I wipe down food containers and then wipe down the kitchen counter where I placed the bags? And what about produce? What is the safety protocol I need to follow when unpacking those items?
The COVID-19 outbreak has taken an emotional toll on everyone including caregivers. It is important to help family caregivers keep themselves and those around them safe, happy, and healthy. AARP in Texas knows the value caregivers bring to all our communities which is why we work feverishly to provide practical resources and up to the minute information to keep them safe.
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This week’s ‘Prepare to Care’ podcast addresses two different topics that impact us all during these difficult times: scammers and caregivers. To give older Americans the tips, information, and resources they need during the COVID-19 outbreak we are referring to scam experts and caregiving specialists.
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The toll COVID-19 has on humans has been widely reported, but what about your pets. Can they catch this virus? Dr. Karen Wu, a Zoonosis Veterinarian at the Veterinary Public Health Division and Harris County Animal Shelter said that the CDC has not reported any cases of pets, livestock, or wildlife that have been sick with COVID-19, but a type of the virus does exist in animals.
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Social distancing is a phrase we’re all too familiar with today and part of our new normal in this time of Covid-19. As we socially distance ourselves to prevent spreading the virus, you should look for ways to avoid loneliness without risking our health.
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